Kauai Amateur Radio Club

PO Box 3614

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In 1992 the club was registerd as a non-profit organization in Hawaii and was recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes. Its mission includes: To increase the proficiency of its members by education in the science of radio communications. To disseminate information among its members concerning scientific advancement and progress in the field of radio communications. To organize and train licensed radio amateurs to maintain radio communications as a public service during periods of emergency. To encourage and foster experimental activities in radio communications and electronics, to the end that skills and experience gained in amateur radio will further the application of electronics to the benefit of the general public. In carrying out the foregoing primary purposes, the club maintains an active affiliation with the Amateur Radio Relay League, Inc.

As described on the home page our club holds monthly meetings on the first Monday of the month, a weekly Monday Night Ham net, and an informal Saturday breakfasts. In addition our club provides quarterly ham exams, hosts a weekly Public Service Communications (PSC) Net, provides communications for various community events (Walkathons and Runs), and participates in the annual ARRL Field Day.