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KARC maintains the KH6E repeater system with 5 sites on Kauai at Crater Hill, Kalepa Ridge, Wilcox Hospital, Waimea and Kalaheo.   The VHF repeaters are connected via UHF radio, not dependent on the Internet to perform as a linked system.

Our Repeater Guys, Ron KH6JI and Jim NH6HI are working on tuning the VHF cavity filters in this pic.

KH6E   146.700 -PL100    Crater Hill, Kilauea
KH6E   146.920 -PL100    Kalepa Ridge
KH6E   147.080 +PL100   Kukuiolono Park, Kalaheo
KH6E   147.100 +PL100   Kukui(Waimea Canyon)
KH6E   147.160 +PL100   Wilcox Hospital, Lihue

Allstar Repeaters are selectively linked over Internet to provide area-wide, state-wide and world-wide nets, some of them can have a very large footprint. Jim NH6HI has established an AREDN mesh link between the Kauai Allstar repeater system and KARC's RF-linked system. Check out the link map

KH6S   147.000 +PL100   Princeville
KH6S   146.740 +PL100   Kilauea
KH6S   442.500 +PL100   Kapaa (Tad)
KH6S   442.250 +PL100   Lihue

Oahu Repeater
KH6FV 146.760 -PL100 Peacock Flats

Hawaii Repeater Map
Lists all repeaters in Hawaii - GPS activated, great for cell phones. Maintained by Tito WH6CTX. Thanks Tito!

Winlink Gateways

Note that the Kauai 2m FM gateways are now scanning 5 frequencies(listed) and may take longer to connect, depending on where they are in the scan sequence.   Set your number of connect tries to 10 to help assure connection.   HF gateways listed below are the center frequencies, modulated USB.   V500 designates narrow, V2300 indicates wide band 40m channels.

2m 145.010 -.030 -.050 -.070 (scan) Kalaheo (Jim)
15m 21,091.500
20m 14,096.500
40m 7,107.500(V500)
40m 7,103.800(V2300)

2m 145.010 -.030 -.050 -.070 (scan) Wailua Homesteads (Ron)
40m 7,112.500(V500)
40m 7,103.800(V2300)
15m 21,095.500

2m Coming soon. Wailua Homesteads (Ed)
20m 14102.500
40m 7109.500(V500)
40m 7101.200(V2300)
80m 3586.500

2m 145.030 New in Princeville