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Ham Resources

Founded in 1914, ARRL is the national association for Amateur Radio in the USA.   ARRL members enjoy information, services and benefits for a variety of interests and activities pursued by hams.
ARES organizes licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment, with their local ARES leadership, for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes.

Winlink is a worldwide radio email service that uses radio pathways where the internet is not present, and is capable of operating completely without the internet.

40meter.net - Supporting Ham Radio in The Hawaiian Islands

National Hurricane Center - and Central Pacific Hurricane Center.

Mobile Installation Clinic - a ton of great information related to mobile installations.

The Kauai Band Plan
On The Air -- Magazine for new hams
World MUF map shows Maximum Usable Frequency data
Beginner's Guide to Repeaters

Tech Corner

The No-Nonsense Technician Study Guide
All About Cubical Quad Antennas
Amateur Radio Guide To DMR
ARRL EmComm Training
An Allstar Network Presentation
What about that 11-year solar cycle?
A Beginner's Guide To Radio Propagation by Karl Thurber W8FX
Stalking the Fox - Jim Kearman KR1S
DMR is Easy - Sonoma County Radio Amateurs
Ron Hashiro's Site
Hawaii Emergency Communications Net Response Plan

How To Become A Ham Radio Operator

Amateurs start their journey by preparing for the Technician Class license. This involves studying the questions(which are published, along with the correct answers) in the question pool, and/or learn from a study guide or app. There are many good ones available.

Contact Jim NH6HI for the next exam session date/time, and more information.

Register for an FCC CORES account.

Prepare an FCC 605 form, available HERE, but wait to sign it until you are seated for the exam. Appear on time for the exam and ace it!